Flat Shara's Web Log

Flat Shara is a lovely, adventurous lavendar centaur who's traveling the world in a paper envelope. She's 11 years old, and was created on 6/20/04--the summer solstice!

Thursday, June 24, 2004

About my family

Shara's family is not too big, however,I'm not sayin' that it's small,either.It consists of:(screen names are used)
1 dog,Barkley,
1 girl,Kiki Kangaroo,
1 boy,Jinn Quon,
2 moms,The Soapbox Collector,& grrlinthemoon,
Sir Flat frog,
Flat Sliver,
Flat Yoda,
& her lil'sis,
Flat Riena

Monday, June 21, 2004

Meet Flat Shara! Posted by Hello

Flat Shara Ventures Forth

For Flat Shara's first trip, she's off to . . dum-da-da-dum! HAWAII!!

Shara is so excited about traveling that she found a way to triplify herself so she can go more places in the same time. And, it worked! So now, while Shara is in one envelope on her way to Hawaii, she’s also going to Michigan, *and* to Birmingham, UK! This log will tell about all her adventures around the world--and her different host families can read about the other places she’s visiting!

Oh, wow, is she loving this!!!